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Here at Chemedic, we supply a wide range of products that can be generally categorized into two main categories, which are Chemical Products and Apparatus. Within our Chemical line, which is our flagship product, we supply various chemical for industrial use, water treatment and laboratory. As for the apparatus that we are supplying, we supply labaratory glasswares as well as scientific equipment. The list of chemical and apparatus that we are supplying can be found by clicking the links on the left sidebar.


However due to the wide range of products that we are supplying and the nature of our business, the product list is not complete and if you did not find the product you are looking for in the list, please do contact us through the Product Enquiry and we will get back to you.


As a commitment to supplying quality products, all of our products are first verified by our Quality Assurance Team before being delivered to ensure the products are up to the customer's expectation. So do expect the best from us!


Preview of some of our products…


Chemical Products

We supply a wide range of chemical for use in industry (such as fabrication etc.), water treatment and labarotary. Below are the list of chemicals that we are currently supplying. If you did not find the specific chemical you are looking for, feel free to contact us through the Product Enquiry and we will get back to you soon with the product.


Product Name Industrial Application

Apparatus & Equipment

Besides supplying chemical, Chemedic also supplies various labaratory apparatus and scientific equipment such as beakers, thermometers, dropper, electronic balance etc. As the items are quite general, we do not have the complete list but if you wish to purchase your laboratory apparatus and scientific equipment from us, please contact us through Product Enquiry and specify the details of the product you are looking for.


Apparatus & Equipment List

  • Laboratory Glasswares (Beaker, Tubes etc.)
  • Thermometer
  • Dropper
  • Bunsen Burner
  • Stands and Clamps
  • Safety Equipment (Goggles, Gloves etc.)


The product list above does not completely represent totally the apparatus and equipment we supply. If you cannot find the product you are looking for in the list, please Contact Us and we will source it for you.


Product Enquiry

Looking for products that you could not find on the list? Or you have something that you want to ask? Well then you are at the right place. Fill up the form below and we will revert to you soonest possible. Your satisfaction is our priority.


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